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Bay Islands Free Tourist Zone

Guarding the community interests and impelling it's development

The aim of the Free Tourist Zone of the Bay Islands is to promote national and foreign investment within its territory in order to allow that the activities derived from this investment are developed subject to a special regime and in a environment that is consistent with thte social and economic development, security of the people and assets, supportable an sustainable development that protects the environment and is is harmony with the ecological and tourist vacation of the zone.

Organization of the ZOLITUR
The Administrative Organization of the ZOLITUR will carry the name of "Administrative Commission" which is created as a public entity that is functionally and geographically decentralized and has its own competence and jurisdiction; this organization will be responsible for the management of the Free Tourist Zone with its own administrative, technical and financial criteria.

General Objective
Promote the development of the Free Touristic Zone of the Bay Islands, based on a regional strategy prompting the development of the Zone in a stable, sustainable and responsible way in order to contribute with the socioeconomic growth, public safety, and environmental conservation.

To prompt the development of ZOLITUR by means of consolidation of its legal and institutional framework, the efficient process of collection coordination design activities and monitoring of the regional strategy of development, the effective promotion of public private investment, coordinating the actions of the different instances and levels of government.

In the 2020, the Free Tourist Zone of the department of the Bay Island will be a world renown consolidated tourist destination, since it will have prompted its development and ecomnomic growth achieving greater living conditions for its inhabitants and conserving the rich cultural and natural patrimony that supports its tourist vocation.

Benefit of the ZOLITUR
The ZOLITUR law exempts its beneficiaries fo the payment of:

  1. Custom taxes or duties;
  2. Importation taxes
  3. Special tax charge or surcharge
  4. Production sale tax
  5. Consumption or value addend taxes
  6. Payment of consular right or stamps; and
  7. Exempt of the payment of any other tax to the State of Honduras

The beneficiaries are to be exempt of the payments of:

  1. Real Estate Transfer Tax
  2. Capital Gains Tax
  3. Fees created by this Law; and
  4. Municipal Taxes.

Who Qualifies to be Beneficiaries of ZOLITUR?

  • Tourism
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing Commercial
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Craft
  • Logistic
  • Service (directly or inderectly related to tourism)

As a Special Customs, Fiscal and Tributary Regime based on an activity of investment, to enjoy the benefits the people should be constituted as:

  • Individual Merchant
  • Trading Company

In order to qualify for the benefits of ZOLITUR the applicant must submit along with their petition the following documentation:

  1. Power of attorney legally granted
  2. Notarized copy of the Public Instrument containing the Articles of Incorporation of the Sole Trader or Trading Company
  3. Copy of National Tax Registration card (RTN)
  4. Technical-economical report of the activity to develop with a 3 years projection
  5. Certification issued by Administrative Commision of the ZOLITUR registry
  6. Certification issued by the proper Registry (Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Tourism), in accordance with the activity to develop
  7. Operational Permit issued by the corresponding municipality
  8. Schematic and descriptive plans of the property facilities where the project will be developed including the property deed, contract or usage authorization
  9. Environmental license, if applicable; and
  10. Social economic study that reflects the impact generated by the massive hiring of personnel who are not resident in the ZOLITUR, if applicatble.

Registration of the RESIDENTS of ZOLITUR
The registry of the ZOLITUR residents provides us with the necessary statistics for the creation of the Territorial Planning (Strategic Development Plans) which frame the policies, strategies, zonings, rules, usage, plans, the integral and balance occupation of the region.

Special Territorial Regime
The Bay Islands Special Territorial Regime looks to achieve activities that are typical of the Free Tourist Zone; the social and economical development consistent with the demographic and urban growth of the territory; and the management of human and natural resources as well as the physiographic conditions that are conducted with balance, sustainablility and harmony.

The Special Territorial Regime shall:

  1. Comprehensively strengthen the municipal management
  2. Promote the knowledge of comprehensive development
  3. Apply Environmental Management Plans
  4. Promote the development and diversification of touristic products while protecting and conserving natural, historical and cultural resources
  5. Promote, together with the Municipalities, projects focused on creating and improving the coverage and quality of public services
  6. Encourage and strenthen the Support Commissions
  7. Determine the policies, strategies, zonings, rules usage plans, comprehensive and balanced occupation of the region
  8. Encourage human development in the region, by promoting educational and training programs amoung residents
  9. Establish sustainable criteria for cocial, economical and environmental development and
  10. Encourage sustainable development.


French Harbour, Roatan, Bay Islands
Tel: (504) 2455-7271 / Fax: 2455-7275






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