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Roatan Business Phone Numbers and Websites

www.Roatan.Biz is the online phone directory for Roatan, Utila, Guanaja and the supporting businesses and medical facilities from the mainland. This directory is the most up to date as individuals and businesses can add or change numbers at any time during the year.

The following are the listings of businesses and individuals with their names, location, phone, cell and USA numbers as of June 1,2008. For updated listings go to www.Roatan.Biz

Roatan Business Listings PDF

Dialing to Honduras
The country code for Honduras is 504. To call Honduras, dial your International Access Code + 504 + local number.
From USA 011 + 504 + local number
From UK 00 + 504 + local number
From Hong Kong 001 + 504 + local number

Dialing from Honduras

If you’re dialing abroad from Honduras, dial 00 + country code + area code + local number.
To USA 00 + 1 + area code + local number
To UK 00 + 44 + area code + local number
To Hong Kong 00 + 852 + area code + local number

For assistance making international phone calls in Honduras, call the following telephone operators.
-International Call Collect, dial 190
-International call through Hondutel, dial 197
-Directory Assistance, dial 192

Cell Phone Numbers
Please note that cell phone numbers in Honduras changed in March 2007. Previously cell phone numbers had seven digits, with a prefix that began with 3, 8 or 9. They were changed to eight digits by adding a 3 to numbers that begin with 3 and by adding a 9 to numbers beginning with 8 and 9. So if someone gives you a seven digit cell phone number, they have probably forgotien to add the extra digit.

For example:
Previously 311-1111 is now 3311-1111.
Previously 877-7777 is now 9877-7777.
Previously 988-8888 is now 9988-8888.
Landline (Hondutel) numbers are also expected to change in the near future.

Roatan Air Tours, Coxen Hole
Tel: 445-1459 445-1417
Cel: 3360-1976

Bay Island Airways, Palmetio Bay
Cel: 9858-8824 9858-8819

One Fish Two Fish Charters, Punta Blanca
Cel: 3309-9479 3291-5491

Salty Dog Sea Charters, West End
Cel: 9916-7654

Jet Ski Rentals
Tel: 3336-5597, USA: (813)435-6337

Subway Watersports, Turquoise Bay Resort
and Palmetio Bay Plantation
Cel: 3359-4190 3387-0579

Divers at Play, West End
Cel: 9814-1779

Barefoot Divers, Barefoot Cay
Tel: 455-6235
Cel: 9967-3642

Captain Morgan’s – Utila, Utila
Tel: 425-3349

Coconut Tree Divers, West End
Tel: 445-4081

Excursions for Cruiseship Visitors, Coxen Hole
Cel: 3387-0579

IDC AnthonysKey, Sandy Bay
Tel: 445-3003

Mayan Divers, West Bay
Cel: 3354-7551 3386-9287, USA: (786)299-5929

Native Sons – Chillies, West End
Tel: 445-4003

Octopus Bay Divers, Sandy Bay
Cel: 3304-0937 3291-5552

Scuba Diving Divas, Sandy Bay
Cel: 9987-7127, USA: (407)227-8605

Subway Watersports – Diving, Turquoise Bay Resort
and Palmetio Bay Plantation
Cel: 3359-4190 3387-0579

Sueno del Mar Dive Center, West End
Tel: 445-4343 455-4333

West End Divers, West End
Tel: 445-1531
Cel: 3368-1606

Las Rocas Dive Center, West Bay Beach
Tel: 403-8046

Ocean Connections, West End
Tel: 3327-0935

Reef Gliders, West End
Tel: 403-8243

Tropical Island Divers, Marble Hill Farms
Cel: 3359-9121

Casa del Sol, West End
Tel: 445-4218
Cel: 9961-5260

One Fish Two Fish Charters, Punta Blanca
Cel: 3309-9479 3291-5491

Hook ‘em Up, West End
Tel: 445-1616

Island Dream Adventures, West End Beach
Tel: 445-4291
Cel: 3318-1318 3386-7148

Pescado Roatan, Palmetto Bay Plantation
Cel: 9773-5347

Early Bird Fishing Charters, Sandy Bay
Tel: 445-3019
Cel: 9955-0001

Jackson Marine, French Harbour
Tel: 455-6950 455-6951
Cel: 9989-4764 9995-2827

Mad Max Fishing Charters, West End
Cel: 3336-3198

Roatan Fishin’, West End
Tel: 445-3204
Cel: 3387-2581

Subway Watersports – Fishing, Turquoise Bay Resort and Palmetto Bay Plantation
Cel: 3387 0579

Coral Reef Explorer, West Bay Beach
Cel: 3336-5597

El Rancho Barrio Dorcas, West Bay
Tel: 403-8754
Cel: 9687-1067

Roatan Tourist Info, West Bay Beach
Cel: 3336-5597

RoatanMarinePark, West End
Tel: 445-4206

Best Independant Tour, Coxen Hole
Cel: 3372-4702

Aleman Transports, Coxen Hole
Tel: 445-0398
Cel: 9986-1509

Oak Ridge Tours, Oakridge
Tel: 435-1556
Cel: 3319-7922

Roatan Cab Tours, Coxen Hole
Cel: 9907-7874

Roatan Islena
Tel: 445-3128
Cel: 3381-9171

Dr Edgar Rodriguez, West Bay
Cel: 9958-4673

Kite Honduras
Cel: 3312-8439
Sail Roatan, West Bay
Cel: 3336-5597

Brown Rentals, Coxen Hole
Tel: 445-2101 445-1109
Cel: 9997-3932

Captain Van’s West Bay, West Bay
Tel: 445-5040
Captain Van’s West End, West End
Tel: 445-4076 403-8751

Baan Suerte, Sandy Bay
Tel: 445-3059

Roatan’s Theraputic Massage Hog, West End
Cel: 9738-6151

Sante Wellness Center, Parrot Tree Plantation
Tel: 408-5156 435-1009
Cel: 9991-0474 9931-9798

Subway Watersports – Diving, Turquoise Bay Resort
and Palmetto Bay Plantation
Cel: 3359-4190 3387-0579

Stanley Submarines, West End
Cel: 3359-2887

Gumbalimba Park, West Bay
Tel: 445-1033
Cel: 9979-6048 9914-9196

Roatan Butierfly Garden, West End
Tel: 445-4481

Pirates of the Caribbean, French Harbour
Tel: 455-7576

Gumbalimba Park Canopy, West Bay
Cel: 9927-5521 9914-9196

Atlantic Airlines
Tel: 445-1179

Continental Airlines
Tel: 445-0224

Delta Airlines
Tel: 557-4141

Islena Airlines
Tel: 668-3183

SOSA Airlines
Tel: 445-1154

SOSA Airlines – Utila
Tel: 425-3161

TACA Airlines
Tel: 445-1387 445-1088



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Office: Mayan Princess Beach Resort, West Bay Beach
Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Philip Buck
Roatan: 011-504-9970-3378
US Voip # That Rings in Roatan: 831-359-4244

Roatan Living Real Estate and property for sale serves Roatan the Bay Islands of Honduras. Selling Real estate and Property for sale on Roatan! You can find an assortment of properties to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for an investment property, business opportunity or just an island hideaway property. Roatan real estate includes luxury homes, condos, resorts, beachfront homes, land for sale and development properties located in developments such as Mayan Princess, Parrot Tree Plantation, Marbella Beach, Pristine Bay - Roatan Golf Club, Rohan by the Sea, Palmetto Bay Plantation, Lawson Rock, La Sirena, Infinity Bay, Keyhole Bay and Coral Sands.